Creating New Habits

It started with Gavin asking if we could bike to school this morning. I wasn’t feeling it at all, but how could I say no to being active when I have to be the example? I could list a lot of really good reasons, hello cramps (tmi, I know), on why I didn’t want to ride a bike to school, but instead I said sure. Once I got back home, I knew that I hadn’t done my 30 min of exercise so dropped off my bike & went for a run. In this terrible heat 🔥 😂 💪🏼 Not gonna lie, Lizzo helped a ton 🤣

Doing the things that you know you should do even when the feeling isn’t there is how you create new habits. It’s how you step into the life you want to have. Because y’all, it’s not easy all of the time. Like this past wknd, I didn’t do any exercise at all, so I knew I had to get my butt moving today bc when I look in the mirror I want to be proud of the person staring back at me. I want to be all “YASSS girl, you did it!!!”

Habits are formed when you keep the commitment to yourself long after the moment has passed where you made the promise in the first place.

So I ask you, red face & all, what promise to yourself are you going to keep today? What’s the thing that you may not want to do but will do bc you are worth it?

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