Younique’s New You•ology Skincare Line: Everything You Need To Know!

image of You ology cleanser Custom-made skincare just for you based on your skin’s needs? Let me introduce you to the brand new You•ology skincare line!

First, a little back story: As you may know, Younique set the bar for long lashes in 2014 with their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. Women went crazy over the length and volume that the mascara provided their lashes with and the company exploded. The mascara went on backorder so many times because the demand far surpassed the supply that was available, yet the orders kept coming in. The backorders almost created more of a buzz because people want what they can’t have. Lots of people could have said that that moment was the perfect time to get involved with Younique.

Well guess what? Younique is about to do it all over again. Whether [Read more…]