Week 3, Day 4 of Marathon Training: 7 miles!

image of swollen handsWeek 3, Day 4 #MarathonTraining 7️⃣ miles!

💥Listened to 🎶 My Badass playlist 

💥Power Word: Don’t give in (which eventually turned into some choice cuss words to represent my frustrations) 

This pic is awesome 😳 It represents a lot happening. First, how can you not notice how massive my hand is. I don’t know what happened there but [Read more…]

Week 3, Day 2 of Marathon Training

image of marathon shoesWeek 3, Day 2 of #MarathonTraining

Listened to ➡️ Silence & The Greatest Showman soundtrack 

Power Word ➡️ Stronger. Better.

Whew. Today started out different than every other morning so I felt a bit thrown off. In the past when I’m thrown off, I tend to blow off the entire day. But today was different. I didn’t get to run until this evening & bc it was late in the day I wasn’t really feeling it. It was kind of chilly outside & I wanted [Read more…]

Week 3, Day 1 of Marathon Training

image of marathon training sceneryWeek 3, Day 1 of #MarathonTraining

Listened to ➡️ #Rise podcast, Beyoncé, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr, Robert Earl Keen, Reba, Jo Dee Messina, & a bunch of other old country 

Power Word ➡️ Strong

Y’all!!! I felt like a REAL runner today! I think it was probably my shoes; although they aren’t new, they are more cushion-y & made my feet bounce on the pavement! I did 4.31 miles, alternating [Read more…]

Week 2, Day 3 Marathon Training

image of week 2 day 3 marathon trainingWeek 2, Day 3 #MarathonTraining
(3 miles)

Listened to ➡️
HPX with Tony Robbins 🤴🏻 

Power Word ➡️
You got this

Another day of me looking drunk on the treadmill 🤪 I mean, I honestly have no idea how you treadmill runners do it 😂 Today was great though! I did 3.51 miles & despite wanting to be finished right at 3 miles, I’ll tell you why I kept going.

As you know, I am [Read more…]

Week 2, Day 2 of Marathon Training in San Diego

image of week 2 day 2 marathon trainingWeek 2, Day 2 of #MarathonTraining
(3 miles)

Listened to ➡️
Rise podcast with Trent Shelton 🙌🏼

Power Word ➡️
Didn’t have one today, unless thinking repeatedly “Don’t fall off the treadmill, Kristin” counts 😂

I did my 3 miles in the gym in San Diego. I waited much [Read more…]

Week 2, Day 1 of Marathon Training

image of marathon training week 2Week 2, day 1 of #marathontraining 🏃‍♀️ 

💫 Listened to: The Ed Mylett Show with Dr. Joe Dispenza (Rock your Mind) & Beyonce 👑 

💫 Power Word: Amazing

Today called for 3 miles & I did 4.19 total. I like to go in a circle so it’s always longer than what I’m supposed to do 🤷🏼‍♀️ Who wants to backtrack & run the same way both [Read more…]

Day 4 of Marathon Training: 6 miles!

image of day 4 marathon trainingDay 4️⃣ of #MarathonTraining 6 miles‼️

Best Parts: We are visiting Pennsylvania and went running at Fort Washington State Park. It was so beautiful & only 48 degrees 🙌🏼

Running has ALWAYS been a thing for my dad. I grew up watching him train for marathons & cheering him on throughout each race. I’ve always been inspired by him & just how effortless he makes it look.

I guess that’s why [Read more…]

Day 3 of Marathon Training

image of day 3 marathon trainingDay 3️⃣ of #marathontraining & #last90days

➡️ Listened to The School of Greatness podcast, but couldn’t get out of my own head to focus on it so switched to music. Can’t say I felt that either 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

➡️ Power word: Greatness. I have to admit “lame” kept popping in my head so I just repeated greatness more & more.

Today isn’t about complaining. It’s about the realness & today was tough. I felt really slow & heavy on my [Read more…]

Day 1 of Marathon Training

image of day 1 of marathon trainingDay 1️⃣ of MARATHON training: 3 miles ✅ 

➡️ Listened to Tony Robbins about mindset 

➡️ Power words I said: Unstoppable & Powerful

Why I’m sharing this: I have this HUGE goal of completing 26.2 miles before I turn 40 in May. I am SO slow so I could think that it’s not even worth sharing … but I know [Read more…]

I am a marathon runner

I am a marathon runner 🏃‍♀️ —> What I write daily as one of my 10 dreams in my Start Today Journal 📔

Today I ran 1 mile without stopping & it’s been years since I’ve done that. Y•E•A•R•S!

I kept saying to myself “You’ve got this. Stronger. Better.” Thanks Rachel & Dave ❤️

Here’s to running 25.1 more 🤣 You gotta start somewhere, right?!

& it’s also the first time in forever (probably since high school) that I’ve run in my [Read more…]

Creating New Habits

It started with Gavin asking if we could bike to school this morning. I wasn’t feeling it at all, but how could I say no to being active when I have to be the example? I could list a lot of really good reasons, hello cramps (tmi, I know), on why I didn’t want to ride a bike to school, but instead I said sure. Once I got back home, I knew that I hadn’t done my 30 min of exercise so dropped off my bike & went for a run. In this terrible heat 🔥 😂 💪🏼 Not gonna lie, Lizzo helped a ton 🤣

Doing the things that you know you should do even when the feeling isn’t there is how you create new habits. It’s how you step into the life you want to have. Because y’all, it’s not easy all of the time. Like this past wknd, I didn’t do any exercise at all, so I knew I had to get my butt moving today bc when I look in the mirror I want to be proud [Read more…]

Hybrid Gear Product Review

image of hybrid gear product reviewY’all, I was so excited when I was contacted by Hybrid Gear about doing a review on a moisture wicking tri-blend scoop neck raglan t-shirt in the color pink raspberry heather. I was sent the shirt right away and really loved everything about it right off the bat.

I mean, just look at it!!

The shirt is oh so soft and you won’t want to take it off. Besides being soft, it’s so functional and perfect to sweat in because the moisture wicking technology keeps you dry. The color is [Read more…]