The Last Time

mother and childI recently read a writing that one of my friends posted on Facebook called, The Last Time. Oh my gosh, y’all, I couldn’t even handle it. I wasn’t but two sentences in when the crying started and it didn’t stop. The Last Time is about your babies growing up and it being the last time that you do something. The key is that you don’t know when the last time will happen; it just kind of does.

Reading this came at a time when I’ve already been feeling sad about my son growing up and being at school. I miss the fact that we can’t go to the zoo on a random Tuesday anymore. I miss pushing him on a swing at the playground. I miss having him around [Read more…]

Why I Avoided Direct Sales For So Long

king of queens episode talking about multi-level marketingLast night I walked into the living room and “The King of Queens” was on TV even though no one was in the room. It was a stressful day, so I just wanted to sit on the couch and zone out. It was one of those days that we all have now and then. I didn’t bother to change the channel and just starting watching the show.

Apparently Doug’s friend that sold water filters talked Doug into joining a Network Marketing company. He just had to get 10 people to join him and sell the water filters. You know the story… There were [Read more…]

5 Fabulous Ways To Slow Down The Aging Process

slow down the aging processWe all love technology, right? It’s amazing. We can keep in touch with friends and family that don’t love close by. We can see pictures of our best friend from high school and know what she’s up to. We can skype with grandparents that live out of town. We can find mates to date. We can find schools for our children. We can read reviews on the latest and greatest hot spot restaurant. The list goes on and on.

But did you know that while technology is awesome for so many things, it’s also adding to the aging [Read more…]

Feeling Blah? 8 Fabulous Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

image saying to have a good dayWe all have those days when we could use an instant pick me up to help improve our mood. Whether you are feeling down about something specific, or you are just in a funk for some unknown reason, it’s always good to try to brighten up your spirits. After all, no one sets out to be grumpy and in a bad mood all day long, do they? Of course not! People want to be happy!

The next time you need an instant mood boost, try out some of these things:

1. Be your biggest fan.

Brag on yourself a little bit. Notice something about yourself that you really like, whether it’s your [Read more…]

A Wild Snake-Themed Birthday Party, Real Snakes, And A Snake Cake!

image of a snake cake birthday cakeWhen I was pregnant people would tell me that once my child was born, I would do things for him that I never thought I would. Let’s just fast-forward to his 5th birthday party. For a really long time now, he has been adamant on wanting a snake and reptile party. Of course, I was banking on him changing his mind, as most kids do, but isn’t it just my luck that he was consistent and never backed down.

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I’m terrified of snakes. Like really terrified. It’s my biggest fear ever. I won’t even touch a picture of a snake in a book, so it’s hilarious that my son is quite obsessed with the slithering reptiles. Each time we go to the zoo, the reptile house is the first stop that we have to make. [Read more…]

Living Your Fab Life: Changing Your Perspective In The Quest For Happiness

image of a happy smiling catOf course everyone wants to be happy, but do you do what’s necessary to actually get there? Do you even know what happiness means to you? Happiness is one of those things that we all think of differently. What happiness is to one person may be the complete opposite of what it is to another and that’s okay. When you find out what it is that truly makes you happy, you will start feeling so great about yourself and your whole perspective will start to change. Life won’t be as hard, as sad, as boring because you have the power in your hands to change your reality.

One of the most important first steps to take is to make sure that you do not compare yourself to others. This is a hard one, especially for me. For example, I’m so guilty of getting caught [Read more…]

12 Tips To Dramatically Boost Your Energy Throughout The Day

12 ways to boost your energyDo you feel lethargic all throughout the day? Does your energy level drop and never seem to rise back up? Does the day just seem to drag on? Are you ready for a nap come 3pm every afternoon? If so, these tips are for you. Having energy throughout the day comes from many choices we make from the foods we eat, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle choices.

Here are some tips on how to increase your energy so that you can get through your day feeling [Read more…]

Introducing My Younique Products Business Home Office

Image of the office where I work my Younique home-based businessMany years ago I had my own office at home, complete with a fabulous desk, pink walls, a beautiful chandelier, and just all around great décor. It was my space to do whatever I wanted to do. But then I had a baby, my priorities changed, and my office became a downstairs play area for him. All you other moms know how that goes.

My focus became less of my space and more about what the baby needed. And then almost 4 years passed by with my office changing from the couch to the island in the kitchen with my laptop. So fancy, I know.

This past weekend I started thinking about having my own [Read more…]

What Do You Want In Life Without Settling For Things You Don’t?

What goals do you want to accomplish in your life?It’s been a few days now since I’ve been on my 30 day challenge and I’ve been thinking about what it is that I want in my life. My goals. My plans. My call to action.

Like many people, I can tell you all of the things that I do not want in my life. I don’t want mediocrity. I don’t want a dirty house. I don’t want to be indecisive. I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly rushing around to get things done. I don’t want to have to worry about paying the bills. And on and on. We can all come up with [Read more…]

30 Day Challenge To Be Your Best Self

Be Fabulous iPhone AlarmDo you just feel like life gets so busy at times and you just float from one thing to do to another? You know, take the kids to their activities, go to the grocery store, fill up the tank with gas, make dinner, bath time with the kids, and on and on. Like you’re so busy every single day, but there’s nothing super substantial going on. (And believe me, I know as moms we are important and even having clean laundry folded every day is a [Read more…]

Top 21 Fab Uses For Coconut Oil

21 uses of coconut oilCoconut oil is all the rage right now! It seems like everywhere you look you see something about coconut oil and the amazing things it can do. I know the grocery store I go to has huge displays of it in the healthy living section, so I wanted to know more about what coconut oil can do for me.

And apparently there’s a ton of benefits from using coconut oil, which got me pretty excited!

I read many articles and was amazed to find that coconut oil can do many things. For example: it can boost your energy levels, it helps you to not overeat, and it’s fabulous for skincare. It’s also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and so on. So many awesome things about coconut oil! Who knew, right?! [Read more…]

Start Thinking of Yourself in a Fabulous Way

FabulousThink your words aren’t powerful? Think again. There is nothing more powerful than the thoughts and words we put out there. Our thoughts and words can completely result in the way we see ourselves and live our lives. They can control how worthy we feel and how high or low our self-esteem is. Think it’s just a coincidence that you talk about never having money and that’s your reality? Or what about [Read more…]

Tomorrow is back to pre-school for little G

Tomorrow is the first day back to preschool since the holidays for Gavin and I couldn’t be more sad about it. I really enjoy my time hanging out with him, whether we are running boring errands, like going to the grocery store, or whether we are going to a park to run around and play tag. He’s so much fun and adds so much light to my life. I have no idea what I’m going to do when he starts kindergarten and is gone five days a week, just about all day long.

Out of the blue, he will tell me that I’m his most favorite person in the world and that he will always live with his mommy and daddy. I just try to soak it all in because time passes so quickly and I know one day will come and he will be out on his own in college. Slow down, time!

GavI tell him all of the time that he’s my number one. His response, up until a few days ago, was that I was his number sixty-five. (He loves the number sixty-five for some reason.) When I told him that he was my number one the other day, he responded back with telling me that I was his number one too. My heart melted!

Gavin plays a certain way with Rob and he play differently with me. He likes to color when we are at home and do crafts together, something that I’m not so great at, but thankfully Target helps me out a lot! He likes to play Mario Kart with me on the Wii. But I’d say that his most favorite thing to do with me is to jump on the trampoline in the backyard. He giggles constantly and comes up with really fun games to play out there!

He has been adamantly against having a brother or sister or as long as I can remember, but recently he has been saying how he wants a baby sister. It’s honestly the sweetest thing to hear coming from his mouth. One of his really good friend’s mom just had a little girl and Gavin loves to talk to her and hold her on his lap.

He did see the mom’s belly grow over the 9 months and told me that he was scared that if I had a baby in my belly it would hurt me. I reassured him that it doesn’t hurt (too bad, at least, ha ha) and that I would be just fine. Now he walks around the house with things under his shirt and tells me that there’s a baby in there. Cute little guy! If we ever do have another child, he will be a really great big brother, that’s for sure!

I’m not sure what I did to have such a fabulous and amazing little boy in my life, but I sure am glad that I was picked to be his mommy. He makes my world a million times better and I’m so grateful to see the world through his eyes.

How I’m Going to Make 2014 Fabulous

Be More Present.

I’m going to try really hard to be more present in 2014. I want to be okay with just having my own thoughts pass through my mind at a red light instead of checking everyone else’s status updates. I don’t want to always be multitasking; sometimes I just want to watch television without tweeting about it. When did our world get so busy that we cannot just focus on one thing at a time?

being more presentIt’s really easy this day in age to miss out on a lot due to technology. We are all so glued to our phones, tablets, and social media that it’s hard to live in the moment with the people you are with. Have you seen the party idea for phones on Pinterest? Basically when you get together with friends you all put your phone in a basket and leave it there until you leave… so you know, you can actually hang out with the people you wanted to hang out with. What an idea. What about the going out to eat one? Whoever picks up their phone first pays for the bill. I don’t know, I really like these ideas.

I have tons of pictures from concerts in the past. One day it dawned on me though, I was so busy taking pictures during the concert that I totally missed out on the concert itself. I was there, but I wasn’t present. I wasn’t watching the show at all. I was trying to capture the concert for memories, but I wasn’t really there. Now when I go to concerts, I maybe take a couple of photos and that’s it. My phone goes away and I watch the show so I can remember it.

When I’m hanging out with Gavin, I’m 90% not on my phone. I do try really hard, even though sometimes playing with monster trucks can get a little boring. When he talks, I try my very best to stop what I’m doing and look him in the eyes to see what he has to say. I want him to feel important, not that he’s second to my phone, laptop, etc. No one should feel second best, especially a child.

I once heard something good that I try to always remember: If you don’t make your kids feel important when they come to you now with the smallest of things, why would they come to you with the bigger things later on down the road? Think about it… everything to your child right now is big, even though it’s not for you. It makes sense to me and I want Gavin to always feel like he can come to me with anything.

I really think that by living in the moment and being present, I will have a fabulous and memorable 2014. I will be in charge of my life instead of watching everyone else’s go by and know what they are doing. Or eating. Or vacationing. I’m excited to be more present and have a great year!