Here’s a little inspiration for you

God (or whoever/whatever you believe in) said:

I need you to get excited again. I need you to remember you’re not in this thing alone. I’m working on your challenges; I’ve already assigned angels to you. So let go of the stress & just trust Me. I’ve got a pretty incredible end in store. In fact, that’s why you need to get excited again… because the happy ending I’ve got coming is going to ROCK. YOUR. WORLD.

I came across this yesterday & just absolutely love all that it stands for and means. If you’re having a hard time right now, just remember that there is work being done in the background. Trust the process, keep on going, & get excited. 

Just Wear the Shoes

You see a pair of shoes & I see those same shoes as a sign of confidence and showing up. Up until recently I was really happy to hide in the shadows of everyone and blend in. Any other year when I had to be around a lot of other women, I would have picked safer shoes. Ones that wouldn’t make me stand out.

But this past Friday was different.

I made a bold choice to wear these shoes as a representation of love for myself. As a sign that I am going to show up for myself and that I’m ready to be seen and heard.

The best part was that I felt [Read more…]

Falling in Love with Myself, Little by Little

image of champagneAfter hitting “publish” on my post yesterday, I was proud of myself. Like genuinely proud of myself. So much so it called for a celebration! I got dressed, put on makeup, did my hair all cute and wavy, and left my room to go to a bar to have a glass of bubbly. As I was sitting at the bar, the bartender struck up small talk with me and asked if I was celebrating anything particular. I smiled and replied, “Yes! I am celebrating me“. I’m sure he probably thought I was a little cray-cray, but he did [Read more…]

10 Happiness Hacks for Winning Life

image of happinessAh, happiness. We all want it, but how do we really get it? How do we feel like we are being true to ourselves while going through the motions of daily life? What is happiness even? Where does happiness come from?

I learned a very long time ago that happiness comes from within. It does not come from anyone else or any material thing. It starts within you and grows from there. If you are looking to [Read more…]

SQUIRREL: How to live in the present

image of a squirrelSQUIRREL!!

This is me just about all of the time! I like to think I’m multitasking, but, if I’m honest, it’s complete BS. I’m just busy being busy. I’m pulled in a million directions and jump from one thing to another… just like a freakin’ squirrel.

I’m not a fan of feeling like that. I love to feel productive and I love to accomplish things and check them off of my list. (Speaking of lists, I have lists about lists even so it’s probably a bit [Read more…]

8 Rules to Live By For An Authentic Life

Live an authentic lifeHave you ever felt like you aren’t enough?  Have you ever felt like you don’t let the real you shine through with others?  Have you ever felt like you don’t even know the type of person you are?

I would raise my hand to all of the above questions.  Truthfully, about a month ago, I thought I was having a mid-life crisis.  (Not even kidding.) I was feeling exactly how I thought someone would feel when going through a mid-life crisis.  Perhaps it’s a bit dramatic, especially since I’m only 35 years old, but my feelings were/are very real.  Come to find out, I’m just on this amazing journey called life.  I’m trying to figure out the type of person that I am.  I’m trying not to compare myself to others.  I’m trying to own my own story, even though parts can be a little embarrassing. [Read more…]

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Are You Guilty?

No excuses. Ever. Get Out Of Your Own Way. Dream Bigger. Dream Larger. Live Larger. YOU Deserve Better!Let’s talk excuses. Everyone has them for all different reasons, whether it’s about exercise, work, cleaning the house, losing weight, or meeting friends for dinner. We are all guilty of using excuses to make us feel better and to help us get out of events. But for the love of all that is good in the world, we have to stop with the excuses. We have to stop telling ourselves these lies. We have to stop teaching our kids that excuses are okay. Excuses are not okay. Excuses won’t give you that amazing life. Excuses won’t get you that next [Read more…]

10 Ways To Have A Great New Years Eve At Home

10 New Years Eve Traditions You Can Use To Bring In 2015New Years Eve is one of the holiday celebrations I get most excited about. There’s no pressure about gift-buying or family obligations. It’s just about fun and who doesn’t like fun, right? I always love going to a party wearing my most sparkly dress, a New Year tiara, and drinking some bubbly, but that’s not always my reality.

In the past five years, I think I’ve stayed up until midnight maybe once at that was at home in my living room. Lame, I know. Not to ruin all fantasies of a fun New Years, my best one was in 2008. My husband and I went with some friends [Read more…]

A List of 58 Stocking Stuffers For Kids. #25 Scared Me!

Need ideas? Here's a list of 58 stocking stuffers for kids this Christmas.Picking up stocking stuffers for kids is probably one of the easiest when it comes to Christmas shopping. And I’ll admit that I probably went a little overboard in that category for our son this year! It seems that no matter what store you go in, there’s entire sections dedicated to all sorts of toys, candy, and things we can pile into their Christmas stocking.

But #25 is not for the faint of heart. Nope. As a matter of fact, our next door neighbor’s kids gave our son his present a little early and it was no other than a [Read more…]

52 Stocking Stuffers For Men This Christmas

Need stocking stuffer ideas? Here's 52 stocking stuffer ideas for the men in your life.Christmas is just a few days away and there’s so much excitement everywhere you look! These last few days before Christmas arrives are usually spent running around and doing all of the last minute things on your list. You know, those last few things that you kept putting off each time you were out and about. (I’m totally guilty, too!)

Thinking of Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men and Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for kids can be tough! But not so much for stocking stuffers for women, right ladies? Since stockings are my favorite, I like them to be packed full of goodies, but it’s hard to come up [Read more…]

Top 60 Women’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Christmas

60 stocking stuffer ideas for the women in your life!Stocking Stuffers. Everyone loves checking out the goodies in their stockings on Christmas morning. Am I right? Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite part about Christmas morning has always been looking at the items in my stocking. (My husband has been trained, ha-ha!)

I don’t know what it is about it, but it makes me so happy! It’s amazing at how much stuff can be crammed into the little space, but my parents always did a great job on giving me a good one and I try to do the same for my family every year, too. After searching the Internet and racking my brain, here’s a list of great stocking stuffers for the moms, wives, girlfriends, [Read more…]

A Fabulous Thanksgiving Vacation

In the Bahamas on vacation over ThanksgivingI tend to procrastinate, especially when it comes to packing for a trip. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Nothing like waiting til the last minute! My family and I went to the Bahamas on a cruise for the week of Thanksgiving and I was struggling at the last minute to make sure that enough clothes were packed. Four huge suitcases later (for only 3 people, one being a 5-year old) and we were ready! I’m so guilty of over packing and always have been. I’ve never been that type that could plan out my outfits and only pack that. Oh no, I need options. Lots of options.

And that adds up to a lot of clothes when packing for 7 days and nights. Not to mention, I wanted our [Read more…]

16 Things To Be Thankful For Over The Holidays (And Everyday)

16 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and any time.Even though my Christmas decorations have been up for a couple of weeks now, I’m not one to just let Thanksgiving come and go. I like to take time and express my gratitude for all that I’m thankful for. It’s so easy to just float through life and go kind of on autopilot, isn’t it? And that’s especially true during the holiday season when we are pulled in a million directions, whether it’s Christmas shopping, baking, school activities, parties, and on and on. It’s pretty easy to keep on going instead of actually realizing all that we should be thankful for in this life… and [Read more…]

Do You Have A Cat? Can You Relate To Any Of This?

Photo of my cat TigerCats are funny little creatures, aren’t they? They are cuddly when they want to be, but can turn on your in an instant. Everything is done on the cat’s term, which I find hilarious, but oh so true!

As I’ve previously said, I’ve never been a cat person. To quote Taylor Swift, “like never, ever, ever, ever”. I’ve always thought cats were mysterious creatures who could turn on you in a second, which kind of makes them sound like a scary animal, but you know it’s true. They march to the beat of their own tune. Case in point, my cat loves to look at [Read more…]

Apex For Life Launch By John Di Lemme And My Experience

Apex For Life LogoHow would you like to live a fabulous life? A few months ago, my husband brought on a new client for his product launch business. Normally his clients really don’t effect my life or business, but this one has. In a fabulous way! If you have been in the personal development, self-improvement, marketing, or business world, you may have heard of the name, John Di Lemme.  [Read more…]