Calgary Reflections, Take 2

image of Calgary, CanadaWanderlust: A desire to travel, to understand ones very existence.

The last time I was in Calgary, I was moved beyond belief. It was such an incredible experience to have had that time to do all the things, some of which I knew I wanted to do & others that just happened as a result of not having a plan.  This city is such a fantastic place and it’s amazing what can happen when you just let go and get out there.

You know you’re doing something right when everything just falls into place. It’s the most wonderful feeling! It’s like this confirmation that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. I left that trip feeling different than I had ever felt before. I felt a lot more intentional in the direction that I want my path to go.

Of course life is not one big vacation where you can just constantly skip out for a while and have time to yourself, so going back home was, naturally, challenging and that’s to be expected. But y’all, self-love is so important and crucial to growing and being and developing. Taking time to love yourself and to nurture yourself is the absolute best.

My “biggest” self-discovery last time I was here was simply wanting to get to a place of not caring what others think. I’ve always worried about what others think and that comes partly from just wanting to be liked. The older I get though, I realize that it’s not about everyone liking me and having that desire to fit in. It’s wanting to be comfortable in my own skin because I like myself. It’s admiring the people that are doing their own things because they want to and they don’t let anyone make them conform if they don’t want to. They are pursuing their dreams & going after what they want. It’s not giving anyone permission to make them feel less than. They are true to themselves, whether that means having pink hair, not having a filter, or being vulnerable.

And I find great inspiration in those kinds of people. I want to know them, be them, & have them in my life. That inspiration sets my soul on fire & makes me want to be better and to be true to myself.

I often wonder if I am the only one that thinks like this. Like are there people out there who are just so content to live their daily life as is and never think about these things. Is it a curse that I think the way I do?

Whether it is or not, I truly believe in my heart that we should never stop learning and growing. Complacency is not something that I am okay with; therefore, I keep going on this journey to be better. I want to live a fulfilled life, not one that’s just full. Full of all the things I have to do. Full of the monotony of the errands for the day. Full of all the material things I can buy. You get the idea.

So here’s to continuing to evolve into the person that loves herself so much, that doesn’t care what others think, and to living a very fulfilled life while embracing all that the journey has to offer.


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