Bruce Jenner Interview And The Transgender Community

Quotes from EllenIf there’s one thing that I don’t understand it’s how people can be so judgmental in this world. It honestly blows my mind that people are so close-minded, like their way is the only way for every single walk of life and nothing else is acceptable. We are in 2015, y’all, and that’s just not how the world rolls.

It’s quite unusual that I talk about what’s going on in pop culture here on my blog, but there’s a first for everything, isn’t there? Everywhere I turn, whether it’s picking up my son from school or overhearing ladies in Starbucks, I keep hearing about the Bruce Jenner interview. When I go to the grocery store, Bruce Jenner is plastered all over the magazines. When I turn on the television, there’s something about this interview there, too. It’s all around me, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon as well.

What I want to say isn’t really newsworthy though. It’s not brilliant. It’s not original (I hope). And it’s certainly not negative or gossipy because that’s my whole reason for writing about it.

I just watched the Bruce Jenner interview last night and my heart broke for him. I don’t doubt that it’s a tough life for someone who’s out of the limelight, but can you imagine being Mr. Decathlon and being attached to something so big like The Kardashians? Coming out with this news and being a celebrity has to take such strength and I really respect Bruce more than ever. He’s finally being true to himself at 65 years old and I hope he has a lot more years in the future to live the life he wants. 60+ years is a long time to not fully live the life you want, while trying to hide your feelings on top of it.

And how about the support from his kids? So amazing. I did think it was kind of ironic that someone who loves being in the spotlight (Hello, Kris Jenner) couldn’t even give a comment, but I’ll leave it at that.

I think this is big news for the transgender community out there. Bruce Jenner can use his celebrity-status as a platform to be a role model for this community, if nothing else but to help people not feel so alone.

If you’re reading this and you’ve said something negative about someone being a transgender, Bruce Jenner’s interview, or anything of the like, I want to ask you why. Seriously. Why do you feel like you have any right whatsoever to talk about someone like that? You do realize Bruce Jenner is a person, right? You do realize that the struggles that every single other transgender has gone through (and continues to go through) is real, right? You do realize that the crazy high 49% suicide rate among transgenders is real, right?

This is real life.

Most importantly, this is someone’s real life. Real struggles of being someone that you don’t identify with. Real everyday battles that take huge courage to overcome. I can’t even imagine all of the daily struggles that take place on a day-to-day basis. There are a lot of people living a life that they don’t love, that they don’t identify with, and that they feel alone in every day. Do you really want to add to those struggles?

And furthermore, who in the hell gave you the right to judge people? Isn’t that God’s job and only God’s job? Maybe this is about the time you’re thinking, “I have a right to my opinion”. Well, sure, you do, but just because you have the right to your opinion doesn’t mean that you should actually say things that will hurt others. When you do, that just makes you a mean person. And the world does not need anymore mean people. We have more than enough.

I just ask that if you don’t understand the transgender life, please don’t mock it. Don’t speak negatively about it. Don’t judge something that you do not know. Be the good in the world because we need that. To be honest with you, I do not even know a single person that is transgender. I do not know what it’s like to walk in those shoes. I’m just an open-minded girl from Texas that feels so strongly about this topic. I truly believe every person in this world deserves the right to happiness, no matter what the circumstance is. I don’t believe there are exceptions to the rule.

I’ll leave you with the famous words that Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of her shows: “Be kind to one another”.

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  1. Even Kanye West didn’t hold judgment!
    I think that many times people judge what they don’t understand and they fear what they don’t understand. It is unfortunate that they need to be so involved in someone elses’ decisions.

    Robi Ludwig did a piece where she attempted to break things down to help people understand it ( — but on social media I have seen a lot of harsh opinions by spectators.

    I think Bruce is brave. Better to come out and be authentic now than never and be regretful.

    • I agree with everything you said, Sam. People can be so mean when others are different and vary from what their norm is. Thanks for the link – going to take a look at it now.

  2. You are a beautiful person Kristin. Inside and out. You care so much for others and it really shows. God bless you and your beautiful, caring soul

    • Thank you, Michelle! That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to comment. God bless you, too.

  3. I think people have a right to disagree with something that doesn’t line up with the values they hold dear. I’m not advocating meanness, but this no judging thing seems to only go one way. Christians are judged ruthlessly everyday. I DO have experience with Gay and Transgender relatives and I would never want them mistreated or harmed in any way. But if I am expected to respect their lifestyle, then I expect that my Christian lifestyle should be respected too.

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