Birchbox Time: My October Fanfare Birchbox Review!

Image of the October 2014 birchbox set.It’s that time again to review my latest Birchbox. The October Fanfare Birchbox! It’s seriously just like Christmas when I get this fun little box delivered to my door every month. It’s the best and I love that I get introduced to products I probably wouldn’t know about otherwise.

That being said, this box isn’t my favorite by a long shot. I’m big into scents and some of the scents in this box are just too strong for me. And I was given mascara, which is pointless because I sell Younique and there’s no other mascara in the world that would make me change from my beloved 3d fiber lash mascara (To learn more about Younique, click here.). So yeah, this box isn’t my favorite, but maybe you might find something you want to try, so onto my reviews.

Here’s what came inside of my October Birchbox Along With My Reviews Of Products:

1. BeeKind Body Lotion
What: Made with honey and organic chamomile, this healthy UK fave sinks in to restore skin.

My Birchbox Review: Holy lemon scent! I wanted to love it, really I did, but I couldn’t get past smelling like I just took a bath in pure lemon juice. It’s so strong and definitely not what I want to smell like. And, just so you know, I like faint lemon scents actually. It gives off a nice, clean smell when it’s in the right dose, but this was too much for me. What I do like about it is that a portion of the proceeds of this product goes to support honeybees and sustainable pollination research (says that right on the bottle), which is such an amazing cause. If you like lemons and lotion, please give this a try!

2. Clean Rain Eau de Parfum
What: Inspired by falling droplets, this fresh scent blends water lily, daffodil, and melon.

My Birchbox Review: I like it! It’s clean (as the name suggests) and it smells nice. I don’t smell the melon, which is good for me since I’m not a big fan of that smell. This would be a great every day smell for being out and running errands during the day. I don’t think I’d wear it any other time, as the scent didn’t seem to last very long on my wrists. The sample size was the standard one, but it didn’t squirt out. The lid had to be removed so I could dab it onto my wrist. I like perfume samples with squirters.

3. Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
What: Originally made for nursing moms, this ultra hydrating balm is a makeup artist fave.

My Birchbox Review: Love this! As someone that always has dry lips, this provides great moisturizer and it’s very long lasting! When I first saw it in my box, I thought it had to do with dry nipples and wondered why I got this product. Then I read the card and it made since. Even though I really like this product, I probably won’t buy it after my sample is gone.

Image of me wearing the Modelco mascara, which does not compared to the Younique 3d fiber lashes.

4. ModelCo POWERLASH High Impact Black Mascara
What: With a unique brush, this Australian brand’s mascara adds length and volume to every lash.

My Birchbox Review: Not impressed at all. This is the first regular mascara I’ve put on my lashes in about 10 months and I forgot what it’s like to have little lashes. I don’t see any added volume or length; only sad lashes (notice the picture of my lashes). Thank God for my 3d fiber lash mascara!

5. Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser
What: Two-in-one cleanser and exfoliator that rejuvenates skin and smells deliciously lemony.

My Birthbox Review: I like the idea of exfoliating since that’s so important for skin, but I am more likely to just buy an exfoliator sans cleanser since I already use one that I love. And the lemon smell strikes again with this! I prefer no smell when it comes to putting products on my face, so I certainly don’t want to smell like a lemon all day long. No thanks.

(All of the descriptions of the products have been taken from the Birchbox card that arrive with the products.)

This October’s Birchbox wasn’t very exciting to me and I don’t think that I’ll be purchasing any of the showcased products. Here’s hoping the November Birchbox will be amazingly awesome!

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