Biggest Decision of YOUR Life

image of weight los 48.6 lbs lost right here. I see the girl on the left, but I never really knew her.

When I came across this video from 4 months ago, it stopped me in my tracks. Watching myself was like watching someone else. So unhappy. Not sure of herself. Lost. While I didn’t set out to post a before & after pic right now, I knew I had to after seeing this because it’s weight loss, but so much more.

The girl on the left wanted to stay hidden. To blend in with others. To fit in. She wanted to play small. She was complacent with where she was. She pretended to be okay, but she wasn’t fulfilled and felt absolutely clueless on her direction.

The girl on the right?! WHOA.

This girl is completely different. She doesn’t want to hide. She doesn’t want to fit in. She doesn’t want to play small & shrink herself. She wants the biggest & boldest life possible. She makes herself a priority with all the things. She has nothing but mad love for herself. She’s not sorry for being her. She knows that she is meant for something greater & she is going for it. She has all the confidence to try & fail over and over until she gets it right.

image of before and after weight lossIf you’re the girl on the left in any way, I want you to know that there’s more out there. I want you to know that you can make a change that will impact your life in the biggest way possible. It all starts with one decision & builds on that over time.

You can have the most confidence in the world. You can change your cold heart to a more loving one. You can lose the weight. You can be the happiest. You can play BIG. You can live in a space where you don’t care what anyone else thinks of you. You can live your life however you want to live it.

It’s your story. You have the power to rewrite your ending whenever you want and however you want.

The only question is: Will you make that first decision?

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