Apex For Life Launch By John Di Lemme And My Experience

Apex For Life LogoHow would you like to live a fabulous life? A few months ago, my husband brought on a new client for his product launch business. Normally his clients really don’t effect my life or business, but this one has. In a fabulous way! If you have been in the personal development, self-improvement, marketing, or business world, you may have heard of the name, John Di Lemme. 

The new product that they are launching is called, “Apex For Life” and he information it contains can really change your life, health, direct sales business, relationships, and more. And if you happen to be in direct sales or network marketing, take a moment and watch this video and download the free gifts.

At train event in DallasA few weeks ago, I went to Dallas with my husband to see one of John’s client. We, of course, brought our son with us because his client happens to make those huge model train displays and they were having a festival. There, I got a chance to meet John and his wife Christie. I was so super impressed by them and how nice, motivated, excited, passionate, and positive they were. It was fun just being around them.

I also got to meet and spend time with Dorcie, the owner of the train company in her office. She explained that her business wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for John and his teaching. She was about to declare bankruptcy prior to meeting John and now runs a very successful multi-million dollar business.

This got me thinking… I wondered if John’s information (that will all be included in Apex For Life could help me with my Younique business? Rob (my husband) had a pile of books, CD’s, DVD’s workbooks and more that he had been going through to get ready for the upcoming launch of Apex For Life. I ‘borrowed’ a few of the books, read them, and gained some great ideas and insight that I have applied to my life and business.

Apex For Life – For Direct Sellers

Whether you are a Younique Presenter, or you are involved in another direct sales business, I highly suggest checking out the Apex For Life launch and products that will soon become available. At the very least, get the free products. (I’ll let you in on a little secret… there’s a lot more free products coming over the next couple of weeks. Shhhh. You didn’t hear it from me!) 🙂

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