A Wild Snake-Themed Birthday Party, Real Snakes, And A Snake Cake!

image of a snake cake birthday cakeWhen I was pregnant people would tell me that once my child was born, I would do things for him that I never thought I would. Let’s just fast-forward to his 5th birthday party. For a really long time now, he has been adamant on wanting a snake and reptile party. Of course, I was banking on him changing his mind, as most kids do, but isn’t it just my luck that he was consistent and never backed down.

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I’m terrified of snakes. Like really terrified. It’s my biggest fear ever. I won’t even touch a picture of a snake in a book, so it’s hilarious that my son is quite obsessed with the slithering reptiles. Each time we go to the zoo, the reptile house is the first stop that we have to make.

I’ll admit that I’m slightly better now, but in the past I would have some serious nightmares from just visiting the reptile house at the zoo. Now I’m more used to it, I guess you would say. My son has snake books, stuffed animals in the shape of a snake, and real looking ones.

I’ve definitely come a long way… .but let me be clear that I jump and scream when I find one of these real looking snakes coming out of a couch cushion. Oh the joys of being a mom to a little boy! And to say that I was a mess when researching for snake themed birthday party supplies is an understatement!

image of our snake-themed birthday party for our sonThis past Saturday was the big 5th party! I hired a snake guy to come to the party, educate the kids on snakes, and then let the kids pet, hold, and even wear real snakes. There was no way I was having this party at my house.

I mean, can you even imagine the nightmares I’d have wondering if a snake accidentally got loose and was roaming my house. Far-fetched perhaps, but that doesn’t matter. The thought would be there for sure!

We had the party at a clubhouse and alcohol was not permitted sadly… You know that was one of the first questions I asked when I rented the clubhouse. When the kids arrived, I had a craft waiting for them. They painted little wooden snakes and ran around until it was time for the snake show. (Note to self: As long as there is space for kids to run around, save some money and don’t worry about having a craft.)

Of course being the mom I am, I wanted to capture this crazy experience, so that meant I had to be at the front of the room, basically right next to the Rubbermaid containers that the snakes were in. I was a nervous wreck, but to see the excitement on my son’s face made it all worthwhile! He was so excited!

The show started with a turtle. It was good because we had time to prepare before being thrown right into seeing snakes. The turtle was cool, but it’s just a turtle, so next came a tiny snake. This was a great way to start. The lady walked the snake around so that everyone could pet it.

Then she asked my son if he wanted to pull the next snake OUT OF A BAG. My son jumped right up, you know, like it’s no big deal that he was about to stick his hand in a bag without knowing what was in there. So crazy. I don’t think you could pay me any amount of money to do that.

Son holding snake at birthday partyHe was so excited to stand up and reach into an unknown bag. He pulled out a larger red snake and all of the kids screamed. I might have been cringing on the inside. The snakes were now getting bigger. The lady explained what kind of snake it was and then started walking around. Oh, did I mention that you could wear this snake around your neck? Yep, sure can. And guess what? I did it.

The next snake, an albino python, was even bigger. And guess who pulled it out of a bag? That’s right, my kid. (Not me, if that’s what you were thinking. I’m not that brave!)

This one was, dare I say it, pretty, and my son held it in his arms like a baby while he looked at it and smiled. Such a strange sight. The snake got passed around so that people could cradle it in their arms, wear it, or hold it. This went on for a few more snakes and then we got to the big one.


I think it was a red-tailed boa perhaps and it was really big. This one we could hold a la Britney Spears and my friends and I held it. I don’t know what got into me at the party, but I was brave. Maybe it was peer pressure – I mean if my four, almost five-year old can do it, this girl can too!

Or maybe it was because it was a controlled environment and these snakes are someone’s pets. Whatever it was, this will be a one-time experience, that’s for sure!

The party was a huge hit and everyone enjoyed themselves! My mom made the cake and it was amazing. It looked just like a real snake (so much so that I wouldn’t cut into it). Everyone there commented on it and how awesome it looked. It was delicious too! She’s a great grandmother! I know it took so much time to create and make and I’m thankful she did it.

Photo of me holding snakeSnake Birthday Party Decorations: Snake Balloons? Nope!

Believe it or not, snake and reptile decorations are not easy to find when looking for snake themed birthday party supplies. Neither are snake balloons. I’ll just tell you right now that there’s no such thing as a snake balloon – unless you order a very strange-looking one from China.

Or snake cups. Or snake plates. We had sandwiches in the shape of a snake, complete with olive “eyes” and a fruit roll-up “tongue”.

We had snake grapes made with green grapes on a skewer and chocolate chips for the eyes. For the party favors, I gave gummy serpents and gummy turtles in an animal print box. It said, “Thanksss for coming!”

The party happened a couple of days ago and my son is still talking about it. I’m so happy that he had a wonderful party and that he’ll have these memories for a long time!

Below are a few more photos from our snake-themed birthday party to check out!

holding large snake at birthday party we made snake grapes to eat wearing huge snake


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