A New Charm Arrived: $10,000 In Younique Personal Sales!

I received the $10,000 in personal sales charm from Younique this week.Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? My $10,000 Personal Retail Sales charm and letter from Younique. I hit my $10k in PRS at the beginning of November and have been so excited to get my charm and letter in the mail. This means that I’ve personally sold over $10,000 of Younique products myself. That’s a lot of make up and mascara, that’s for sure! I never would have thought that I was the type that loved recognition, but I most definitely do! Getting letters in the mail from Younique congratulating me is a really great touch that the company does.

Before Younique I wasn’t really a charm bracelet kind of girl. I had one when I was younger, but it’s not something I wear in my adult life. It’s tucked away safely in my jewelry box. When my White status charm came in my Younique presenter kit, I kind of shrugged it off and wish there was something other than a charm.

But times have changed and I love my charms. I get so completely excited when a new one comes in the mail and as soon as I get my Younique bracelet (you get this bracelet after you hit Elite Green status) in the mail, all my charms will go on the bracelet. I cannot wait! My Elite Green status and Elite Orange status charms will arrive next month and I can’t wait for those either! My charm bracelet is going to be full!

And I love that! Looking at the white charm didn’t mean anything to me then. Looking at all my charms now means something to me. It symbolizes my hard work. It shows off my promotions. It keeps track of conventions I attended. It’s my whole Younique life wrapped up in a charm bracelet and it’s so wonderful.

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