A Fabulous Thanksgiving Vacation

In the Bahamas on vacation over ThanksgivingI tend to procrastinate, especially when it comes to packing for a trip. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Nothing like waiting til the last minute! My family and I went to the Bahamas on a cruise for the week of Thanksgiving and I was struggling at the last minute to make sure that enough clothes were packed. Four huge suitcases later (for only 3 people, one being a 5-year old) and we were ready! I’m so guilty of over packing and always have been. I’ve never been that type that could plan out my outfits and only pack that. Oh no, I need options. Lots of options.

And that adds up to a lot of clothes when packing for 7 days and nights. Not to mention, I wanted our nighttime outfits to coordinate for picture purposes so this packing thing was quite the process. But I got it done just in the nick of time!

To be honest, I wasn’t too excited about going on a cruise. Not to sound like a brat, but I’ve been there, done that like eight other times in my life. But my little boy hasn’t and boy was he excited! I’m not sure that he even knew what to expect as far as just how big the ship actually was. He couldn’t picture it and was so surprised. He was excited about everything and I mean everything, down to how the toilet flushed (he is a little boy after all)!

And isn’t that the coolest part about being a parent? Getting to see the excitement and living something through your child’s eyes. So cool!

Husband and I on vacationThe trip was actually amazing from playing golf on the very top of the ship, to relaxing in the sun with a mojito in hand, to having family time (my parents and brother were there too). I’d never been to the Bahamas before and it was wonderful.

Y’all, I’m from Texas and we have Galveston. Galveston’s water is less than desirable when it comes to the color of it. Since it’s the Gulf of Mexico, it’s brown and muddy. Like you can’t even see your hand through it when your hand is barely in the water. There’s also not too much sand and the little sand that there is has recently been taken over by a lot of smelly seaweed.

To see the crystal blue water of the Bahamas and to play in the warm white sand was nothing short of amazing. Oh, and my son thought so, too! Poor little boy has only ever seen the Atlantic Ocean in the Northeast and Galveston, so the Bahamas was a real treat for him. It was beautiful and I wish we could have stayed there longer. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving there eating conch and sipping on drinks at a private island beach. It could not have been better!

It’s always a bit of a reality shock when you come home vacation, don’t you think? I went from having fabulous meals, dessert daily (chocolate molten cake, you are my weakness), my cabin constantly picked up, my bed made for me, playing 3-card poker, and seeing shows to dirty dishes and clothes that need to be washed, cooking dinner, going to the grocery store, changing the kitty litter, and getting back into a routine. Hello, reality! My biggest concern on vacation was what to wear at night and whether or not I should have another Bloody Mary.

Speaking of reality, it’s time to cook dinner, so I will end this here. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families!

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