6 Red Hot Tips To Wearing Fabulous Red Lips

Image of 4 sets of lips wearing red lipstick‘Tis the season for red lips, but how do you pull it off without looking like a clown? After all, Halloween has come and gone and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to look too costume-y, especially on the face. Red lips can be intimidating, so picking the right shade of red is crucial. Here’s a secret: Everyone can wear red, but you just need to follow some beauty rules in order to give yourself a classic look. And one of my favorite things about wearing red lips? It makes your teeth look whiter! Who doesn’t like that!

6 Rules for Wearing Red Lipstick:

1. The Right Shade
In order to pull off red, you must pick the right shade for your skin tone. This is so, so, so important. Remember, looking like a clown is not the look you’re trying to achieve! Here’s a good rule of thumb for what shade of red you should pick with your skin tone:

  • Fair Skin: Pick a red with blue undertones.
  • Fair – Medium Skin: Pick a red with coral undertones.
  • Medium Skin: Pick a brick red.
  • Olive Skin: Pick a red with berry undertones.
  • Dark Skin: Pick a red with purple undertones.

2. Red Lips as a Statement
You do not want to overdo your makeup when you are planning to wear red lips. Think about when you wear jewelry. You wouldn’t wear a statement necklace with big earrings, lots of bracelets, and complete the look with stacked rings, right? It’s the same with red lips. You want your lips as the statement piece and what stands out, not your lips, eyes, and cheeks. If you are wearing red lips, go easy on the eyes. (This means no smoky eye, ladies.) Just put some mascara on your lashes and dust your cheeks very lightly and finish the look with red lips. Trust me, you do not want to go overboard. Less is more in this case.

3. Thinning Lips? Go Lighter
Thin lips are no fun and they don’t look good with deep shades of red either. Whether you were just born with thin lips or if your lips are thinning from getting older, make sure that you pick a lighter shade of red to apply. Deep, dark shades of red won’t help your lip look fuller; they will make your lips look even thinner. You can use a lip liner to line just outside your lips to help create more full lips.

4. Long Lasting Red Lips
In addition to lining the outside of your lips to help make them fuller, make sure to fill in your lips with lip liner as well. This will help your lip color be long lasting!

5. Red isn’t just for Night
If you have a fancy gala to attend, red lips always help to give off the classic vibe, but it’s fun to wear red lips when it’s least expected. Like to lunch with a ponytail and jeans. Or with your hair long and flowy with beachy waves. It’s a great low-key look that helps add a little to your look.

6. Go Bold at Night
Nighttime is the time to play up your red lips. Go for a bolder look with your hair pulled off your face in a chignon or a sleek pony. Or go for a retro glam look with bold red lips and deep vintage waves.

Follow these beauty tips and play around with different shades of red on your lips this season. It’s the perfect time to try something new, especially since red lips are all the rage right now. Plus, it’s always fun to pull off a brand new look that you typically don’t do.

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