52 Stocking Stuffers For Men This Christmas

Need stocking stuffer ideas? Here's 52 stocking stuffer ideas for the men in your life.Christmas is just a few days away and there’s so much excitement everywhere you look! These last few days before Christmas arrives are usually spent running around and doing all of the last minute things on your list. You know, those last few things that you kept putting off each time you were out and about. (I’m totally guilty, too!)

Thinking of Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men and Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for kids can be tough! But not so much for stocking stuffers for women, right ladies? Since stockings are my favorite, I like them to be packed full of goodies, but it’s hard to come up with new ideas, especially for my husband!

If you need some last minute ideas for stocking stuffers for the guys in your life, the list below is for you. (Not to mention the big list of stocking stuffers on Amazon.)

52 Stocking Stuffers for Men

1. Personalized Key Chain
2. Small tools
3. ArmorAll Car Care Kit
4. Beef Jerky
5. Pocket Knife
6. Magazine (Hunting, Men’s Health, Entrepreneur, Success, etc)
7. Shaving Kit
8. Socks (Dress, Running, or just every day ones)
9. Hat
10. Photo Calendar
11. Photo Desk Plaque
12. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray (Sounds silly, but you will thank me later. I promise.)
13. Books
14. Candy
15. Gum
16. Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets (He has to share with you!)
17. Golf gift certificate
18. Personalized golf balls
19. Movie Tickets
20. Ammo
21. Starbucks gift card
22. Whittling Kit
23. Money Clip
24. Wallet
25. Ear buds
26. Journal/Notebook
27. Boxers
28. DVD
29. Coffee or K-cups
30. Wine
31. Hard Liquor (Instead of a full-size bottle, why not get a variety of small nips at your liquor store)
32. Grilling Tools
32. Steak Branding Iron
33. Whiskey Rocks (to keep his drink chilled without watering it down)
34. Nose Hair Trimmer (definitely not a bad idea)
35. Back Scratcher
36. Fitbit (so it can help him keep his New Year’s resolution)
37. Hand and Feet Warmers (while hunting, camping, or just for chilly weather)
38. Batteries
39. Flashlight
40. Hair product
41. Men’s Salon gift card
42. Massage gift card
43. iTunes gift card
44. Amazon gift card
45. Cologne
46. Smartphone gloves
47. USB drive
48. Scarf
49. Portable iPhone charger (seriously a life saver)
50. Coffee mug
51. Cuff links
52. Men’s hand cream

There you have it – A list of ideas of stocking stuffers for your husband, father, brother, or other man or men in your life! Figuring out what to put in Christmas stockings, especially at the last minute, can be difficult, so hopefully these stocking stuffer lists help you this Christmas.

Now, time to finish wrapping presents and cooking delicious food. Merry Christmas, y’all!

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