5 Fabulous Ways To Slow Down The Aging Process

slow down the aging processWe all love technology, right? It’s amazing. We can keep in touch with friends and family that don’t love close by. We can see pictures of our best friend from high school and know what she’s up to. We can skype with grandparents that live out of town. We can find mates to date. We can find schools for our children. We can read reviews on the latest and greatest hot spot restaurant. The list goes on and on.

But did you know that while technology is awesome for so many things, it’s also adding to the aging process for us all?

It’s true! We are spending so much time texting on our phones and sitting at our desks that it’s just not overly healthy at all. Looking down at our phones isn’t great for our necks and sitting down constantly doesn’t help us to get much cardiovascular exercise. It’s no wonder that we aren’t as healthy as we should be and that we are aging much faster with aches and pains.

Of course technology isn’t the only thing that causes us to age quickly. Find out what you can do to slow down the aging process in your daily life.

1. Let go of stress.

This is an obvious one, right? I mean imagine how awesome life would be without stress in it. No worrying about paying bills. No anxiety over meeting new friends at business meetings. Everything would be simple and easy. Stress is no joke. It can cause so many health issues, which add to the aging process. Since we don’t live in a perfect world though, we have to make sure to get exercise and do other things to relieve stress from our bodies.

Besides exercising, there are plenty of other ways to get rid of stress. One of my favorites is taking a nice, warm bubble bath. Seriously, it’s amazing what a good bath will do for a girl! If bathes aren’t your thing, what about trying yoga? Sure it’s s form of exercise, but completely different from, say, running. When you focus on your breathing and really get to the right state of mind, it’s pretty freeing. You can also take up a hobby that allows you to focus on other things besides the fact that you are stressed. If you are into photos, scrapbooking makes for a fun hobby that never seems to end.

2. Make friends with sunscreen.

It’s 2014 and you should know that you should apply sunscreen every single time you leave the house. I know it can be a pain, but I hear having any form of skin cancer can be an even bigger pain. While it’s wonderful to have tan skin, especially in the summer, you don’t want to look like the old lady from “There’s Something About Mary”. The leathery look is not in and you don’t want to look like your 70 years old when you are only 45 years old. If you have kids, put sunscreen on them too so that it will just be part of their routine. You want them to keep it up as they age. Do your part and be a good parent! On the flip side, if you want that golden brown tan and you limit your sun exposure, consider using a great self-tanner.

3. Limit processed foods.

Again, nothing new. Eat less crap and you will feel better. If you eat junk all of the time, you could end up with clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. More importantly, obesity is an ongoing issue in America and it just keeps on growing. When you provide your body with the proper foods, you will thrive from all of the nutrients. Your body needs the good food to aid in its performance. Be sure to make better decisions when it comes to food. Sure, McDonalds might look convenient to you when you are coming home from a late night at work, but there’s nothing good about it. Pick another “convenient” place like Salata. You can make a nice, huge salad packed full of fruits and veggies. You know it’s a better choice. (And to beat those cravings, consider making some protein power balls, which are a great snack!)

4. Be more active.

This goes hand-in-hand with the above. As Jillian Michaels says, “Eat less crap and move ass more”. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Make exercise a priority. Schedule it on your calendar as you would a meeting and don’t miss it. In addition to exercising, find something fun that you enjoy and do it. My husband really likes playing softball, so he found a men’s league and plays weekly. He really looks forward to playing and it’s a great way to get in more exercise… and your body will thank you for that!  And if you need workout ideas, check out these top 16 fitness blogs.

5. Social interaction.

As technology uses increase, our social interaction decreases and it’s not healthy. Make it a point to get out there and talk to people again. Schedule coffee dates or gym dates and talk to friends one-on-one. It’s amazing what it will do for you and how it will make you feel. There are so many social media sites where people have tons of friends or followers, but I bet if you asked them, you would find out that they are lonely people.

Social interaction is good for us and actually helps our emotional states thrive. When we feel better emotionally, our stress levels decrease. When stress levels decrease, blood pressure improves, along with a plethora of other things. Get out there and look your friends in the eye and just have a good ole conversation with them again. Oh, and leave your phones in your bag while talking. Give your friends your attention.

I’d love to hear what other ways you help to slow down the aging process, naturally, of course. Try out the above and take notice of how you feel. Your body will thank you when you treat it how it was meant to be treated.


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