4 Simple Ways to Find Balance in Your Life

How to find balance in your lifeHere’s a confession for you: I’ve been slacking on the “Fit” part of my blog name. It’s been more like “FabBeauty” instead of “FabFITBeauty”. When my husband asked me to think of a name for my blog, we went back and forth with different ideas. It was important to me that the name really said who I was and what I like. I like things that are fabulous, whether it’s sparkly gems or just trying to live a good life. I love beauty tips, tricks, and products. And, I love me some good exercises!

If I’m being completely honest, finding balance in my life is tough. I like to go at things 100%, but inevitably there’s always an area in my life that suffers… and lately that’s been the exercise part. It’s absolutely impossible to think that I can give everything my all (I mean, I am only one person), so finding the balance is a great challenge for me.

It’s strange that I’ve drifted from exercise lately. I’ve ALWAYS exercised and have always enjoyed it. It’s that part of the day that I look most forward to because of how it makes me feel (and I like feeling strong). It clears my head on a rough day and perks me up when I am tired. I know that it makes me a better wife and a better mom. Shoot, it makes me a better person in general.

So why has exercise been so tough to incorporate it into my daily life?

Well, because things come up and I don’t have a plan. It’s true; I work better with a schedule. Without a schedule, I get distracted SO easily and then nothing gets done. (Look, squirrel!) In order for me to find the balance that I so desperately need, I need a schedule. I need a certain time when I reply back to emails. When I work out. When I have family time. When it’s time to eat dinner. I need this in my life.

No more excuses for me. Yes, finding the balance is hard, but I’m striving to do it. Even though I’m only on Day 2 of working out, I’m on Day 2 of working out and that’s a win in my book. Everyone starts somewhere, right?

Yesterday I went for a 3.4 mile jog (and believe me, it was quite the slow jog), but that’s okay. I can only get faster in the future! It does boggle my mind, however, that I ran a half-marathon a couple of years ago and was struggling to do the first mile yesterday. Ah, how quickly the running slows down when you don’t do it!

bob harper yoga DVDToday I wanted to do yoga. Y’all. I am obsessed with Bob Harper’s Yoga Warrior DVD. Obsessed! It’s amazing, different, and so completely challenging. Plus, Bob Harper is just great, don’t you think?

I’ve done yoga at the gym and have tried other yoga DVDs, but nothing in the whole wide world compares to Bob’s yoga video. Even when I was doing it every day last year, it was still a challenge. (Granted, I was a whole lot better on all fronts then than I was today, but I’ll get back there.) I wish I were talented enough to video myself trying to do the Bird of Paradise pose today because it wasn’t pretty. But again, I’ll get there again one day.

I know there are people out there just like me. The ones that really enjoy doing something in their lives, but have had a tough time with balancing out everything. If this is you, let’s do this together. I’ve been posting what I’ve been doing on my Instagram account and would love to have you do the same so we can cheer each other on. But first, do these things so that you can find the balance in your life, too.

4 Simple Ways to Find Balance in Your Life:

1. Make a list of the things in life that are important to you.
This includes God, family, work, exercise, time with friends, alone time, reading, and anything else that comes to mind.

2. Prioritize your list.
What is the most important thing that you need? Make that your first priority. What’s the next thing that’s more important? Write that down and continue with all of the things that you wrote down on your initial list.

3. Create a schedule for your day.
Figure out what it is that you need in your life and create your schedule for the day based on your list.

If having quiet time to yourself before your husband and kids wake up for the day is just something that you need to have on a daily basis, set your alarm and wake up before everyone else. Enjoy your cup of coffee in the stillness of your house.

If exercise is something that you do best in the morning, that needs to be your priority. Pick out your running clothes the night before. Set your alarm, wake up, get dressed, and go for your run.

If you need quiet time with God in the morning, go to daily mass or pray when you wake up.

4. Stick to your schedule.
If you need to have certain office hours so that you aren’t getting distracted being online all of the time, set certain office hours and let your coworkers know. Sticking to a schedule will be tough for the first few days, but then it will become a routine and you will start thriving on knowing what’s up next.

More and more I’m convinced that a schedule is the missing link to finding balance in our daily lives. We have to allot time for the things that make us who we are in life. I know it’s not the most fun thing to have a rigid schedule, but being laid back about everything hasn’t been giving me what I want either. Bring on the schedule, the balance, and the happiness… I’m ready!

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