26 of the most important do’s and don’ts of makeup

Image of me showing Makeup Dos and DontsMakeup do’s and dont’s can be found everywhere, you look whether you are standing in line at the grocery store or perusing Facebook in your spare time. You can find tips in the magazine that’s waiting for you in your mailbox or when you talk to your best friend.

  • “The hottest look for 2016. Try this now”
  • “Look amazing without trying… Fresh tips for a glowing face”
  • “Feel sexier in your skin. Amazing tips to do with makeup RIGHT now”
  • “Cover up dark circles with these tips so that you never hear “You look tired” again”

And that’s the coolest part about wearing makeup. There is SO many different looks and trends that we can try out in our day-to-day life. However, some of the “rules” seem to be conflicting. When do you know what to try and what not to try?

Is it fun to play with makeup? Of course.
Should you try new looks? Most definitely.

But it’s also good to know the basics. While I am not a believer in makeup “rules”, there are a few things that I know to be super important. So, let’s get right in with some important makeup do’s and don’ts and we’ll start with a little fun video I created for this post. 🙂

Makeup Do’s:

1. DO prep your face first.
Before diving right in to applying your makeup, you want to make sure that you have a clean slate to work with. You want your skin to be fresh for your makeup, so make sure to wash your face, use a toner, and apply moisturizer before applying your makeup.

2. DO use a facial primer.
Always use primer first. Primer is the base for all of the other makeup that goes on your face. It is what will help your colors show up bolder and more vibrant. It is what will help your makeup last longer. Finally, it is what will help your makeup go on smoother.

3. DO apply concealer after applying foundation.
If you want your concealer to actually hide any blemishes or dark circles under your eyes, it needs to be applied after you have put on your foundation. If you do it before, it will not conceal as it should.

4. DO invest in good brushes.
Good makeup brushes can be expensive, but you will notice a huge difference in the application of your makeup. High-quality makeup brushes are so important and worth the extra expense.

5. DO clean your makeup brushes.
A good rule of thumb is to clean your makeup brushes every other week to get off any makeup residue and to avoid risking a rash or reaction on your face. (If you can clean them daily, that is even better!)

6. DO focus on your best features.
Makeup is fabulous for creating illusions on your face. For example, if you have a big nose that you don’t like, you certainly do not want to draw attention to it. Instead, you want to learn how to minimize it and have the focus be on another part of your face that you do love. If you have beautiful lips, you want to play them up so that you can highlight this feature on your face.

7. DO play around with different shades of lipstick.
Makeup should always been fun and creating different looks is all part of the fun! Play around with bold colors, neutral colors, and bright colors to see what look you love on your lips!

8. DO match your fountain to your skin tone.
Take some time to figure out the best shade that matches your skin (as close as you can) so that you aren’t two-toned. A foundation too light will make you look like a ghost and one that’s too dark will make you stand out and look like an Oompa Loompa.

9. DO learn the correct way to apply foundation.
Foundation should be applied all over your face, including your eyelids and past your jaw. You do not want to apply foundation to your neck, obviously, but you do not want to have that terrible line of foundation in between your neck and your face.

10. DO learn the best eye shadow shades for your eye color.
When you want to play up your eyes, using a shadow that is complementary will make your eyes pop.

Tip Time!

  • Have Brown Eyes? Use Copper, Navy, Gold, Cobalt Blue, Deep Purple, and Green to put your eyes stand out.
  • Blue Eyes? Rust, Purple, Orange, Light Pink, Gold, and Bronze look best on you.
  • Hazel Eyes? Browns, Gold, Green, Bronze, and Purple will make your hazel eyes pop.
  • Green Eyes? Taupe, Gray, Purple, Silver, Sage, and Brown are the colors to reach for.

11. DO use a magnifying mirror
A magnifying mirror will ensure that you don’t miss anything on your face when applying makeup, especially when it comes to eye and lip liner. You also want to make sure that concealer, powder, and foundation are not settling into the fine lines around your eye area.

12. DO experiment with using eye shadow as your eyeliner.
Using an angled brush will be the best tool for you to apply eye shadow as your eyeliner. You can apply it wet or dry to get a look that’s different from your eyeliner pencil or liquid.

Tip Time! Use shadow as your liner gives off a much softer look on your eyes.

13. DO learn the best shade of blush for your skin tone.
Blush is used to imitate the parts of your skin where you blush the most, so it’s ideal to pick a shade that is best suited for your skin tone.

Tip Time! Peach blush is universal and can be worn on any skin tone. It looks great on everyone.

  • If you have fair skin, you will want to use peach or pale pink blush.
  • If you have medium skin, you will want to use apricot, medium pink (berry), or plum blush.
  • If you have olive skin, you will want to use an orangey-peach or rose blush.
  • If you have dark skin, you will want to use raisin, brick red, and even bright orange blush.

14. DO learn how to blend your blush into your cheeks.
You want your blush to look natural on your face instead of a streak of color running from your ear to your nose. Apply blush is short sweeping motions upward on the apples of your cheeks (where your face gets naturally flush) in a circular motion. You can also use a powder puff brush to blend and soften any lines from your blush, highlighter, and any contouring that’s on your face.

15. DO play with liquid eyeliner.
Winged eyeliner is something that just about everyone can pull off, when it’s done correctly. Don’t be scared of experimenting; just start practicing and you’ll get it in time!

Tip Time! Need some extra help? Use tape to help you make the perfect wing.

16. DO play around with different makeup techniques.
There are so many techniques that can help your nose appear smaller, your face appear brighter, and your makeup appear effortless. Take the time to learn how to do these techniques and then incorporate them in your makeup routine. Strobing, Contouring, Highlighting, and Baking are just a few of the latest trends and really fun to learn how to do!

17. DO choose bright and fun colors.
Bright colors help you to look young and feel pretty!

18. DO have fun with your makeup and play around with different looks.
Experiment with different shades of eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara. Try a lip stain if your go-to is always lipstick. Try a cream blush if you always use a powder. Try loose shadow if you always reach for your palette. Have fun creating different looks for yourself that can be used for day and night. The best part about trying out new makeup is that you will feel at the top of your game and will gain extra confidence as a bonus!

Makeup DON’Ts:

1. DON’T over draw your natural lips.
There are ways of giving the appearance of plumper lips, but overdrawing your lips too much will make you look like a clown. Seriously, just don’t do it.

2. DON’T apply blush to your cheeks without blending.
It will look very unnatural to have bright rosy cheeks. Learn how to blend in a circular motion so that you can achieve the right look for your cheeks.

3. DON’T forget to wash your makeup off at night.
You need to wash your face every single night to keep it healthy and glowing. If you don’t feel like washing it completely, use makeup remover cloths to take off your makeup at the very least.

4. DON’T go crazy with drawn-in eyebrows.
Yes, groomed eyebrows are all the rage right now, but when the eyebrow looks drawn on, well, let’s just say that that isn’t the best look that you want. You want your eyebrows to look natural and defined. There are many tools available to help achieve this look.

5. DON’T be afraid of a little sparkle and glitter.
Shimmer on the eyes is a beautiful touch and far more exciting than a matte shadow color. You don’t need to go overboard, but you can improve your look by adding some sparkle to your face.

6. DON’T be extreme with your concealer shade.
You want to go a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, but not any more than that. Instead of concealing an area, you will draw more attention to it because the color will stand out. Instead, pick a universal concealer (flesh-tone) that is no more than 2 shades (lighter or darker).

7. DON’T wear clumpy mascara.
If your mascara clumps, it’s time to get a new one. Clumpy lashes are not a good look for anyone. Your lashes are just about the first thing that someone notices on your face. You want to give a good impression instead of the alternative.

8. DON’T get stuck in a rut with your makeup routine.
Change up your makeup application to stay fresh and to have fun! If you wear a black smoky eye one day, why not try a bronze smoky eye the next? If you wear nude color on your lips, why not spice it up with a bright pink? If you wear foundation every day and don’t need so much coverage, why not try BB cream and pressed powder instead?

All of the makeup out there makes it really fun to be a lady. While there aren’t too many “rules” that you must stick to, the above do’s and don’ts are really great guidelines to keep in mind. Creating a beautiful canvas on your face with makeup can boost your confidence and make you feel on top of the world! And really, isn’t that what we all would love to feel?

I’d love to hear your best tips when it comes to applying makeup. Feel free to drop it in the comments below to share with others.

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