The New Younique Presenter Kit: Top 4 Reasons Why You Need It

The new 2015 Younique Presenters Kit is full of amazing makeup and products!Younique just keeps making the presenter kits better and better and the most current kit update is no different. The Younique Presenter Kit changed starting on December 22, 2014 (I’m a little late with the update, I know!) and it’s such a good one! Younique has done a great job with arming new presenters with an amazing variety of products so that you can start your business out strong!

You want an amazing variety of products in your Younique Presenter kit? Check.
You want makeup in your kit? Check.
You want skincare in your kit? Check.
You want lip gloss in your kit? Check.
You want a shade card so you can match skin tones? Check. Check. Check.

The new 2015 Younique Presenter kit has it all!

Here is what is included in the current Younique Presenter Kit:

1. 3D Fiber Lash Mascara
2. Uplift Eye Serum
3. Refreshed Rosewater
4. Luxe Lipgloss (The perfect neutral gloss)
5. 3 Eyeliners: Pristine, Prim, and Perfect (White, Light Brown, and Black)
6. Shade Card to match skin tones to our BB cream, Mineral Touch Cream Foundation, and Mineral Touch Powder Foundation
7. White Status Charm
8. Free Younique Website
9. Younique Presenter Guide for the country you reside in
10. PayQuicker Younique Bank Account
11. $25 USD Younique Cash on your birthday every year

All of the above comes in Younique’s signature black faux leather, embossed Younique case, which you will love! Isn’t the new 2015 Younique Presenter kit full of great products?!

You know, when I started Younique over one-year ago, I got 30 samples of the same Younique products in my Younique Presenter kit. Of course I didn’t know any better and thought it was an awesome kit, but seeing the variety in this presenter’s kit makes me wish I could sign up all over again! It’s just that good!

The best part? Where do I even begin…

1. Variety
The variety is amazing and I can’t stress that enough. The new 2015 Younique Presenters kit gives you the chance to try out an assortment of products that you might not have otherwise tried. For example, Refreshed Rosewater is one of the last products I tried and that is because, quite frankly, I was naïve about it. Rosewater? I had no idea what rosewater even was and I didn’t want to spend extra money on something I might not love. Silly me (and truth be told), it’s hands-down one of my most favorite products that I use at least twice a day. If it would have come in my kit when I first signed up, I would have been able to try it sooner and fall in love with it before waiting so long.

2. Value
The new Younique Presenters kit provides a great value. You get $216 USD in product for only $99 USD. ($119 CAD for $254 CAD in product. $129 AUD for $273 AUD in product. $139 NZD for $289 NZD in product. £69 GBP for £174 in product.)

The Uplift Eye Serum alone costs more than half of the price of the whole presenter kit. If that doesn’t scream awesome value to you, I don’t know what will!

3. Shade Card
There are no words really on just what an amazing tool this little card is for your business. Gone are the days when presenters had to guess which color BB cream, pressed powder, or cream foundation would work for a local customer. This shade card helps to match skin tones and find out which shade will work best. Cool, right?

4. Birthday Money
Each year on your birthday Younique will add $25 USD ($30 CAD, $33 AUD, $35 NZD, £20 GBP) in Younique cash to your back office. You can use this money to spend on product. Happy Birthday, indeed!

If you’ve been thinking about joining Younique as a presenter, or if you just want the products that come in the Younique presenter kit, I’d love to talk to you! I’m having so much fun being a Younique presenter and would love to answer your questions and share more about it with you! Feel free to email me or or call me directly. Or, you can take a look at my Younique website and enroll there and I’ll follow-up with you right away.

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