16 Things To Be Thankful For Over The Holidays (And Everyday)

16 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and any time.Even though my Christmas decorations have been up for a couple of weeks now, I’m not one to just let Thanksgiving come and go. I like to take time and express my gratitude for all that I’m thankful for. It’s so easy to just float through life and go kind of on autopilot, isn’t it? And that’s especially true during the holiday season when we are pulled in a million directions, whether it’s Christmas shopping, baking, school activities, parties, and on and on. It’s pretty easy to keep on going instead of actually realizing all that we should be thankful for in this life… and there’s so much.

Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays. It’s an easy one since there’s no gift-giving going on so it’s virtually stress-free (unless traveling is involved and then there’s a bit of stress). It’s a great day to spend quality time with family. It’s a fabulous time of the year to reflect on all that we have and to show how thankful we are. And holy moly, the food. So much delicious food. Yum!

Here are 16 things we are thankful for in our lives:

1. Your significant other.
Even though he/she can drive you crazy, there’s no one else you’d rather be on this life journey with. There’s no one else that knows you on such a deep level and still loves you completely.

2. Your child(ren).
These little people make life more amazing than you ever thought it could be. You get the chance to see the world through their eyes and experience joy like no other.

3. Your siblings.
Growing up and fighting over silly things or being a tattle-tail when you shouldn’t have make for fun life memories. Even though you might not have gotten along well when you were younger (what siblings do?), there’s no one else that would have your back in a heartbeat now.

4. Your parents.
Without them, you wouldn’t be here. Enough said, right? These two people love you unconditionally and have been there to pick you up when you’ve been hurt, to care for you when you’ve been sick, and to be there to listen when you needed some advice.

4. Your friends.
Friends are so important in life. They are the family that you get to choose in life and have been there for some of your best (and worst) moments. They are such blessings in life!

5. Your business.
Working for and doing something that you love is key to a good and happy life.

6. Your neighbors.
The word “neighbor” sounds so impersonal, especially if your neighbor is more than that. Who else watches your house when you go out of town, takes care of your animals, makes extra dinner to share it with you, and is a good friend.

7. Your health.
Good health is so important, especially when disease and sickness seem to be everywhere. Being healthy is something to be very thankful for, especially when you and your family are all healthy.

8. Your pets.
Pets add so much joy to your life and love you unconditionally. Dogs, especially, live to please you and do wonders for your health as well. Cats have a lot of love for you and help with any loneliness you might experience. Pets make life so much more fun.

9. Your body.
Your arms. Heart. Legs. Fingers. Toes. Eyes. Ears. Mouth. Feet. All of your body parts that allow you to see, smell, taste, feel, and work properly so that you can truly live and have a functioning body.

10. Your house.
That you have a roof over your head. That you have air conditioning to cool you off and heat to warm you up. That you have a kitchen to cook meals with and a bathroom to use and keep clean.

11. Your technology.
That you can Skype with family that doesn’t live near you. Pick up a phone and call someone to hear his/her voice. A computer to check email and stay in touch with a lifelong friend. Even though the Internet is not always a great place, you can learn new things and explore different cultures on it.

12. The Do-Gooders
That there are people in the world that make it a better place and try to do good deeds all around, whether it’s buying some water and a hot meal for a homeless man or fostering an abused dog until it can find a permanent home.

13. Trees, Flowers, Plants, and Air
That there’s so much beauty in the world for us to look at and to keep you alive. Grass for kids to run through, flowers to smell, trees to climb and give you oxygen, and beautiful clouds up in the sky to look at.

14. Wine
For that glass of wine as a toast for a special occasion, as a way for friends to catch up with one another, or just because you had a rough day.

15. Vacation
That you can travel the world and expose yourself to various cultures and ways of life.

16. The Military
For all those that have fought for your freedom or are currently fighting to keep your freedom. It’s a big job and a lot of sacrifice that men and women go through.

16. God
Most important for which you would not be here without God.

Make sure to take some time to think about what you’re thankful for this busy holiday season. Most of the time the things we are most thankful for don’t cost a thing, so make sure you appreciate what you have in your life. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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