10 Ways To Have A Great New Years Eve At Home

10 New Years Eve Traditions You Can Use To Bring In 2015New Years Eve is one of the holiday celebrations I get most excited about. There’s no pressure about gift-buying or family obligations. It’s just about fun and who doesn’t like fun, right? I always love going to a party wearing my most sparkly dress, a New Year tiara, and drinking some bubbly, but that’s not always my reality.

In the past five years, I think I’ve stayed up until midnight maybe once at that was at home in my living room. Lame, I know. Not to ruin all fantasies of a fun New Years, my best one was in 2008. My husband and I went with some friends to the Dominican Republic and rang in 2009 there on the beach in Caberete under a sky full of fireworks. Now that was cool and definitely one to remember.

Last week I had dinner with a couple of girl friends and New Years Eve came up. We talked about various parties we’ve been invited to and let me just say that finding a sitter on New Years Eve is the most difficult thing to do. Ever. Unless you have someone booked months in advance, it’s nearly impossible to find someone watch your child(ren). So yeah, those three adult-only parties we were invited to? Won’t be going.

Since it’s not fun to sit at home alone, we started talking about things we have done in the past to make counting down to midnight more fun. Growing up my parent’s went out with friends and all of us kids were at someone’s house with a sitter. When midnight came, we grabbed pots and pans and ran outside to bang on them as loud as we could. It was fun and we had a blast. I loved so many of the things that my friends have done in the past, so I compiled a list to share of New Years Eve Traditions that you can start in your family.

10 Ways To Have A Great New Years Eve At Home:

1. Balloons
Have a balloon drop at midnight (or at noon if you have little ones). Serve sparkling apple juice to the kids so they don’t feel left out. Nothing says celebration like balloons being dropped after a countdown followed by a toast.

2. Pots and Pans
Get pots and pans ready and go outside to bang them at the stroke of midnight. It’s fun, loud, and completely free.

3. Say Goodbye to 2014
Write down anything and everything that you want to let go of from 2014 on a piece of paper. Throw the papers into a fire and watch it burn. Say goodbye to all the bad that happened and start fresh in the New Year.

4. Travel
Hope to travel more in 2015? Get a suitcase and walk out of your front door with it. Then walk back in.

5. Love
Want a better love life or to attract love into your life in the New Year? Buy yourself some red undies and wear them on December 31st.

6. Good Fortune
Want more luck in 2015? Buy new yellow undies and wear them. (And I suppose you’ll have double or triple the good fortune if you’re able to get your boyfriend or husband to do the same!)

7. Prosperity
To have a prosperous New Year, eat a grape at each bell strike at midnight. It’s also believed to scare away any bad evil that might come your way.

8. Want More Money?
Throw 12 pennies behind you at midnight while facing the opposite side of the street at your house to have more money in the New Year.

9. Ball Drop and Kiss
If you can’t be in Times Square to physically watch the ball drop at midnight, watch it at home in your living room. Toast to a great New Year and seal it with a kiss from the one you always hope to kiss.

10. Luck and Prosperity
Make sure to eat some black-eyed peas and cabbage on New Year’s Day to be graced with money and luck for the upcoming year.

While much of the above is superstition, it certainly can’t hurt and it is fun to do! Regardless of how you decide to ring in the New Year, make sure to write down your hopes and dreams that you want to accomplish. It’s literally the best time of the year to make changes to improve your health, wealth, relationships and more. I hope 2015 brings you everything you want and that it’s the best one yet! Cheers!

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