Feeling Blah? 8 Fabulous Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

image saying to have a good dayWe all have those days when we could use an instant pick me up to help improve our mood. Whether you are feeling down about something specific, or you are just in a funk for some unknown reason, it’s always good to try to brighten up your spirits. After all, no one sets out to be grumpy and in a bad mood all day long, do they? Of course not! People want to be happy!

The next time you need an instant mood boost, try out some of these things:

1. Be your biggest fan.

Brag on yourself a little bit. Notice something about yourself that you really like, whether it’s your [Continue reading]

Younique UK Launch: Makeup And Incredible Business Opportunity

bottle of the Younique makeup primer

Younique will soon launch into the UK, hopefully late summer/early fall of this year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! There is already so much interest and excitement over the Younique products over in the UK and we aren’t even there … [Continue reading]