A Wild Snake-Themed Birthday Party, Real Snakes, And A Snake Cake!

image of a snake cake birthday cakeWhen I was pregnant people would tell me that once my child was born, I would do things for him that I never thought I would. Let’s just fast-forward to his 5th birthday party. For a really long time now, he has been adamant on wanting a snake and reptile party. Of course, I was banking on him changing his mind, as most kids do, but isn’t it just my luck that he was consistent and never backed down.

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I’m terrified of snakes. Like really terrified. It’s my biggest fear ever. I won’t even touch a picture of a snake in a book, so it’s hilarious that my son is quite obsessed with the slithering reptiles. Each time we go to the zoo, the reptile house is the first stop that we have to make. [Continue reading]

Younique UK Launch: Makeup And Incredible Business Opportunity

bottle of the Younique makeup primer

Younique will soon launch into the UK, hopefully late summer/early fall of this year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! There is already so much interest and excitement over the Younique products over in the UK and we aren’t even there … [Continue reading]

Recipe For Amazing Protein Power Balls – Kids And Adults Love Them

Protein Power Balls Ingredients

Want to make the perfect snack that will fuel your body with good ingredients? A snack that your kids will eat right up and then ask for more? Seriously. My son thinks these are just unbaked cookies and I’ve never told him otherwise. You’re welcome, … [Continue reading]